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Our services

Managing customer portfolios is our main task.

Since the immigration process is complex and confusing, we help clients to facilitate it by ensuring order in the client's documents. The client sends the evidence to us and we separate them in accordance with our vision: logic and order, so it will be easier for the lawyer who will conduct the case to understand the situation and easier to draw a conclusion, as well as the client himself,  will be able to understand what he has and what is needed for self-submission.

We help draw up letters of recommendation by providing samples and templates for these purposes.

We provide support in native language for most customers, which makes it easier to understand the process.

Our main task is to provide the client with service and support that lawyers cannot provide because of their busyness.

We explain why immigration attorney is important at the end of the process.

WE DO Provision of examples for each individual (samples: business plan, recommendation letters, cover letters, DOL and Perm certification, Organization charts, personal statements, etc)

WE DO Search employers for EB-2-3 visas

WE DO Translate information into English

WE DO Help with translations of documents

WE DO Help with an evaluation of education

WE DO Verification of translations for compliance

WE DO The explanation of the possibility of self-filing and the benefits of filing the case with a lawyer

WE DO Assistance in the purchase and opening of businesses, regional centers (L / E / EB5)

WE DO Assistance in finding an agent (O / EB)

WE DO Search office and staff (on request)

WE DO Accounting

WE DO Bookkeeping

WE DO Tax Planning & Preparation

WE DO International Tax

WE DO Business Consulting

  • A preparation process for the USA business
  • Name Availability Check
  • Unlimited Expert support
  • Document Preparation
  • Official Filed Articles of Incorporation
  • Registered Agent Service for 1 year
  • Company Banking Resolution
  • Indemnification Clause
  • Obtain Federal Tax ID Number
  • Custom bylaws/operating agreement & Minutes
  • 20 Custom Stock Certificates
  • Registration address
  • A wide range of business licenses and compliance services to help you obtain and retain all necessary licenses and permits.
Relocation of talented people:
  • A preparation process for people who have achievements in their field of activity
  • A preparation process for professors, athletes, artists and other people who have achieved high results in their field of activity
  • Assistance in finding a petitioner’s employer (calling party)
Relocation of investors:
  • A preparation process for investors
  • Help in finding a regional center
English language learning:
  • Preparation for TOEFL online
  • Spoken English for living in the USA
  • English for admission to universities the USA
  • Consultation on Education in the USA
Political asylum (refugee):
  • Assistance in collecting evidence, similar cases in the media, etc.
  • Correct compilation of history
  • Translation of documentation

We also have a large network of partners around the world, which helps us solve related issues.


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